AGIP Regional Patent Department

AGIP Regional Patent Department

AMMAN – Backed by highly skilled staff, AGIP Regional Patent Department is well positioned to meet all of our clients’ patent needs regionally and internationally. The Department helps AGIP clients take crucial decisions regarding the management and protection of their patents.
The Patent Department under AGIP provides professional patent services tailored to our clients’ needs, including: 
1) Conducting international patent searches and monitoring, including Freedom to Operate (FTO) and patentability (novelty) searches, in addition to preparing patent intelligence reports and patent portfolio audit.

2) Industrial designs and plant varieties searches and monitoring.

3) Providing patent consultations for both international and regional clients, such as consultations regarding patent filing strategy, patent linkage, parallel importation, patent term adjustment...etc.

4) Offering regulatory consultations for international pharmaceutical companies regarding drugs / biotech products registration in the MENA region, and data exclusivities.
5) Checking and clearing patent conflict of interest.

6) Supporting Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAG-Legal) through providing consultations regarding patent litigation in any country around the world.

7) Providing consultations regarding patent litigation in the Middle East and North Africa.
9) Supporting other AGIP offices with complex technical patent tasks, including patent substantive examination, patent drafting, and patent portfolio audit.

10) Supporting AGIP offices with filing Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications online.

11) Supporting Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University College for Innovation (TAGUCI) through patent training / manuals for its staff and students, as well as patent novelty searches, drafting and filing.

12) Marketing the Regional Patents Department services in cooperation with all marketing teams, using internal circulars, constant e-mail notifications to clients, marketing letters, new patent website / e-brochure, frequent announcements on AGIP’s social media accounts, and AGIP’s bulletin.

13) In cooperation with ASIP and LES, actively seek cooperation opportunities on patent projects with governmental, semi-governmental, and private sector entities.

14) Providing AGIP and TAG-Legal with online patent-related training in cooperation with our Internal Training Department.