Time Frame

The turnaround time of a search depends largely on technical scope and difficulty of the requested patent search. Thus, we cannot quote fixed time suitable for all cases. However, on average, 

Bibliographic Searches take about 1-3 working days per request.

Equivalent Patent Searches take about 2-3 working days per request.

Applicant Name Search take 4-5 working days per request.

Subject matter searches including Keyword/Classification Search, Free-To-Operate Search/Clearance Search take about 2-4 weeks, noting that some more complex searches may take longer.

Nevertheless, all efforts are made to accommodate urgent searches and meet client’s deadlines without levying any expediency surcharge.

We shall provide clients with the exact date on which he can expect to receive search results, after having approval regarding our proposed patent search offer.

It is worth mentioning that time frame will be discussed with the client and agreed before any work commences.