Types of Searches

Our highly qualified staff of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Patents (TAG Patents) is well trained to conduct all kinds of patent searches, listed below, using sophisticated search techniques.

Equivalent search is the search that covers all patents that relate to the same invention and share the same application priority as a patent application as a patent from a different issuing authority. Specifications published by different patent offices all relating to the same invention and all sharing the same priority application.

The Applicant /inventor search is the search that can be done if you know active applicant/inventors or companies in the area of technology.

Keyword/subject search is the search that retrieves relevant documents using keyword searches in titles, abstracts, descriptions and claims. 

Classification search is the search that cover all the relevant classes which can be searched to compile an initial list of patents. If the quantity of patents is too large for a one-by-one assessment, then another parameter can be used to narrow the hit list.

FTO search (Clearance search or infringement search or right to use) is the search that we use to determine if any unexpired patents would bar the manufacture, use, or sale of a specific product, process or service. Infringement search takes place to prove that a certain product or invention does not infringe any active patents (and vice versa).

Collection search (State-of-the-art) is the search requested in order to determine existing solutions and potential competitors within a given technological field.

Prior art search is the search we use to help the inventor determine what is unique about his/her invention. Anything not found in the prior art can be potentially patentable.

Monitoring service is a distinguished and exclusive service that aims to enable you to keep an eye on the newly issued patents or any patent applications filed in the desired region when they are published whether in the official gazettes or on national patent offices’ websites. Patent Monitoring will keep you alerted and aware of any applicant, inventor, classification and specific field of industry that might be of interest when your patent applications are published. Patent Monitoring service provides a cost-effective and simple method of keeping your investments safe and gives you a competitive advantage in your industry.